1. SHRED, PINK KUSH, CBD’S BEST PLATFORM IN CANADA (5/2/2022) - Nowadays this is the most debating matter to discuss is marijuana, pink kish is medically approved or not. Because we have much confusion and beliefs about these products but scientifically already proved that if you can use the limited product then it can be good and beneficial. WHAT IS SHRED? We should not make any […]
  2. Dabbing Cannabis Extracts (1/26/2022) - With Legal marijuana gaining market the lions share in the Canadian and US market as the first or preferred choice of the masses, guaranteeing quality, transparency, strength and availability, customers have started looking for new methods of ingesting and inhaling extracts and concentrates for improved absorption and the so called “KICK”. Dabbing which used to […]
  3. A Beginner’s Guide To: Cannabis Extract Accessories (1/26/2022) - The legalization of cannabis and the onset of a wide variety of products based on constant research and development in the industry has led to a revolution in the health and wellness industry with a brand new and cutting-edge accessory used in consumption of cannabis almost every week now. This increase in the use of […]
  4. How To: Rolling A Joint (1/26/2022) - For every weed connoisseur consuming their favorite product let it be cannabis flower, or resin, or vapes, or gummies, or other infused products brings its own charm, aura and pleasure but in spite of all the modern advances in marijuana processing and craft marijuana products the most commonly used, easiest, readily available, and time tested […]
  5. Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About Cannabis (1/4/2022) - It has been a historic irony for cannabis/ marijuana that, the most versatile and precious gift of mother nature has always been covered in veils of misconception and myths. Marijuana as a plant which finds its roots in almost any climate and environment has been bound in shackles by the misconceptions and myths shrouding it. […]
  6. Cannabis Rules And Regulations In Ontario Cannabis Rules And Regulations In Ontario (12/29/2021) - With the plantation of first saplings by Louis Hebert (1575-1627), Cannabis AKA marijuana/ pot, also known by about a ton of other slang and trade name, the European settlers were the first to commercially harvest hemp/ cannabis in a region which later found its identity in present day CANADA. Marijuana as a psychoactive intoxicant was […]
  7. CBD and Drug Testing CBD and Drug Testing (12/29/2021) - “A simple answer to the above question is YES – a pure strain of CBD doesn’t show up in drug tests”, but and here comes the problem which is: “almost all CBD products are laced with THC or have trace amounts of THC in them and thus none of the CBD users pass drug test.”          Research has […]
  8. CBD for Pets CBD for Pets (12/10/2021) - Cannabis has always been a staple in the apothecary bundles for ages and has benefited people and their best furry friends alike, be it warriors consuming weed/ cannabis/ marijuana for relaxation or feeding hemp to war/racehorses for better recovery.  Over the course of time, with its wellness and psychedelic properties cannabis has been a staple. […]
  9. Medical Marijuana Buying Medical Marijuana in Windsor – How Advantageous Is It? (4/11/2022) - With the incorporation of medical cannabis into treatments allowed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), one can freely visit a marijuana dispensary in Windsor. While this isn’t the only time marijuana or cannabis has been used in treatments, questions are being raised about long-term effects and efficacy. While the world awaits further research and […]
  10. Weed Delivery in Windsor Treating Anxiety with Weed – Is it a Good Idea? (3/9/2022) - Weed, pot, dope – there is no shortage of nicknames for marijuana. Also known as cannabis, this psychoactive drug has been around for quite a long time. And with its legalization in the US and Canada, there are some medical uses of weed Windsor too, other than the obvious recreational ones. Now the line between […]