How To: Rolling A Joint

Rolling a joint

For every weed connoisseur consuming their favorite product let it be cannabis flower, or resin, or vapes, or gummies, or other infused products brings its own charm, aura and pleasure but in spite of all the modern advances in marijuana processing and craft marijuana products the most commonly used, easiest, readily available, and time tested method for consumption of this magic plant has always rolling the dried flower and igniting it to inhale is the most common.

A joint is one of the most iconic ways of consuming cannabis, is an old school method which has stood firm in spite of the availability of bongs, pipes, vaporizers et-al. A joint is the most discrete, convenient and easily disposable method of consuming the devils’ lettuce.

Anyone with a sworn allegiance to the art of pot blazing is very well aware of a large number of crazy ways of rolling their stash, and the art of perfectly rolling a joint is widely met with admiration and a craft in itself. For the unaware and especially beginners rolling a joint requires very few items and a bit of practice.

Rolling a joint
Rolling a joint

The best part about rolling a joint is, you don’t need anything besides a rolling paper and dried flower to roll a simple joint. For a laymen user the basic supplies needed include dried weed flower, rolling paper, filter paper or tip, and weed grinder. With an abundance and variety of materials available the most comprehensive and reliable supply of materials are easily available at The WE STORE outlet near you.

  • Rolling paper: The mostly underrated part of rolling a joint is the rolling paper used. By far the type of paper used is the most crucial for a joint. Simple rolling paper or wood pulp is the one used since time immemorial. Now a days rolling papers made out of rice pulp and even hemp papers are available. The bud tenders in THE WE STORE will be more than happy in helping you select the best type of rolling paper as per your needs.
  • Cannabis flower: An entire book describing mood specific cannabis strain’s is insufficient to fully explain the different varieties and types of marijuana strains available for your use, but rest assured that at THE WE STORE you get accurate marijuana information and guidance as per your age, gender and physical needs with a commitment to sensible pricing, and utmost respect to community values and prioritizing customer time *(the less time you spend buying weed, the more time you will have for enjoying it).
  • Weed Grinder: Another criminally under-appreciated aspect of a smooth joint is the grind or rather the consistency of crushed cannabis bud used in a joint. Coarse ground or uneven packing of bud may lead to an uneven burn while a very fine ground weed leads to difficulty in smoking it. You can give it an old hand grind or a minor investment in any marijuana grinder may lead to better results. An assortment of these grinders are easily available at the we store near you.

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image of a rolling tray with marijuana on it and text that reads "steps to roll a joint"
  1. Grind your weed using a weed grinder to getconsistent size or break the bud lightly by hand and remove any stem or seeds found in the bud. Don’t overfill the grinder, the ground material should no be powdery but in small pieces.
  2. Make the filter tip using an index card or heavy paper by making a “W” at one end and rolling the rest of the paper around it, or use ready to use rolling tips available in the market. Filter prevents the dried flower pieces from escaping into your mouth and protects the fingers from burning.
  3. To fill the rolling paper, take out a rolling paper sheet from the ream and ensure that the shiny side or glue is facing upwards towards you. Fold it and make a crease in the centre, this acts as a guide for rolling and filling the joint. On one end place the filter you made or the pre rolled filter tip you purchased and fill the rest of the rolling paper with ground cannabis leaving some space on the top end.
  4. Fold the non-glued side towards the glue side and roll it inside using your thumb and index finger to form a cylinder. Try not to press on the flower and roll it by rocking it back and fourth for properly packing the grind cannabis in the joint.
  5. Moisten the glue using your tongue or moist fingers and tuck it on the rolled cylindrical joint to tightly back the joint.
  6. Gently fold and twist the open end opposite the filter tip to tightly close it and prevent any cannabis from escaping.

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