CBD and Drug Testing

CBD and Drug Testing

“A simple answer to the above question is YES – a pure strain of CBD doesn’t show up in drug tests”, but and here comes the problem which is: “almost all CBD products are laced with THC or have trace amounts of THC in them and thus none of the CBD users pass drug test.”

         Research has found that CBD doesn’t react to the immunoassay’s i.e. the antibodies that are used to detect drugs. The results of these tests depend on two factors viz. the purity of the CBD product used, & the types of antibodies used in testing the CBD products for immunoassay. 

         Generally, it takes about 5 to 30 minutes for CBD to start working after consumption and its effects last for next 3 to 4 hours, after which users usually stop feeling any effects because the CBD concentration in the blood drops and another 3 to 4 hours are needed by the body to expel any trace amounts of CBD left after its effects are nullified. The half-life of CBD is 2 to 5 days in human body (male and female both).

         Typically, companies test their employees to identify if anything they use can impair their judgement and performance while at work and hence tests are usually undertaken for presence of THC and not CBD because of the psychoactive nature of THC. The important points to note are: –

  1. Pure CBD doesn’t show up in any cannabis related drug tests.
  2. Oils generally contain a small percentage of THC in them and thus must be avoided 2-5 days prior to any drug test.
  3. Consuming any concentration of CBD above 1000 mg per day results in a false positive.
  4. One must always use CBD from reputable manufacturers who ensure that the amount of CBD and THC specified on the label matches the contents.
S.No.Type of drug testType of cannabinoid tested forTypical detection time for normal usage[i]
1.Breath analyzer testTHC2-5 hours after consumption
2.Blood testGeneral cannabis consumption Typically THC4 hours- normal use1 to 2 days – occasional heavy useUpto 25 days- daily heavy use 
3.Urine testOnly THC1 day
4.Hair testCannabinoids (THC)Up to 90 days

         Thus, to summarize the overall contents it is easier to conform that different provinces have different laws related to the recreational use of cannabis which draw their strengths and basic characters from the federal CANNABIS ACT of 2018, from which the state and province of Ontario has its own rules regarding the safe use, sale and consumption of cannabis as has been described in brief above. 

         CBD as a derivative of marijuana is one of the very few compounds derived from cannabis which has all the wellbeing related benefits of cannabis excluding the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD (aka CANNABIDIOL) in its pure state easily passes the drug test without any complications. Any CBD oil which contains trace/ minor amounts of THC will show a positive result on drug testing and any person using a mixture of THC and CBD will fail a drug test.

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[i] The values indicated in the table are approximate and must not be considered as absolute values of time. Always consult your physician for exact values and detection times.

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