Treating Anxiety with Weed – Is it a Good Idea?

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Weed, pot, dope – there is no shortage of nicknames for marijuana. Also known as cannabis, this psychoactive drug has been around for quite a long time. And with its legalization in the US and Canada, there are some medical uses of weed Windsor too, other than the obvious recreational ones.

Now the line between medical and relaxing uses for cannabis is often blurred. There are several instances and medical conditions such as anxiety where these are known to benefit the consumers in both ways.

And for a drug that helps one escape reality, it is no wonder most people don’t wait for a doctor’s prescription to try it. With its use in medicine surely the medical uses are plenty, but for something like anxiety, does it work?

What is Anxiety?

Ever found yourself worrying excessively before doing something simple, or something you are even accustomed to, without any reason at all – yes, that is anxiety. It can creep up on you when you least expect it, and while it is a psychological issue, your body has a response to it too. For some people, it occurs more frequently than usual, thus leading to an anxiety disorder.

Some of the most common bodily symptoms are:

• Sweating
• Increased heart rate
• Stomach pain or digestive issues
• Insomnia and sleep disorder

Now if you cannot relate, you probably do not belong to the 25% of people in Canada that have anxiety disorder. And if you can, have you ever thought of trying cannabis to get rid of it and looked up someone that offers weed delivery in Windsor?

In case you’ve ever tried cannabis to get rid of anxiety issues, chances are that it might have just worked. And this is because cannabis isknown to help a variety of conditions such as anxiety, with scientific research and various therapists backing it up.

But we wouldn’t bore you with how that works or the chemical reactions that take place, but two things found in Cannabis, THC, and CBD are the reasons. THC is the reason why so many people are interested in consuming weed in Windsor for fun, while the latter has therapeutic qualities.

Either way, it is the relaxation that soothes those bothered with anxiety, and in the following ways too:

• Inducing a sense of calmness
• Improving sleep
• Releasing dopamine, the pleasure/happy hormone

Is It Only The Humans That Suffer Anxiety?

If you think that mental health issues are an exclusively human thing, you might be wrong. Studies show that there are several animals as well that suffer such illnesses.

While human anxiety is the major cause of concern for most people, there are various animals as well that are known to suffer anxiety. These are chimpanzees, elephants, and other animals of the wild, and closer to us are our furry friends, cats, and dogs.

If you’ve ever owned a cat or dog, you may have noticed a change in their behavior, and not in a good way. That can be lesser barking or howling even when you’re around, panting excessively, showing signs of tiredness without a reason, and so on.

Sure they could be in a bad mood for a day or two, but such prolonged symptoms and bad behavior can be a cause of anxiety. And just like us, different cannabis products are recommended since CBD for pets is also quite effective.

And not just anxiety or other psychological illnesses, CBD has a similar effect of reducing pain, chronic diseases, and such on pets, as it does on us, humans. Then, there are also anti-inflammatory properties and the fact that pets are known to have better skin with the use of products such as CBD oil.

And with it being completely safe, choosing CBD for pets could be the next best decision that you take for them.

But Wait, That’s Not All

While it may seem that cannabis is all good for treating anxiety or such mental disorders, there are cons as well. Excessive usage can worsen your anxiety attacks, and there are other side effects as well.

And then there’s also dependence, as taking too much just leads you to contact your weed delivery in Windsor every time you have a worrying thought.

Health experts, therefore, suggest that people suffering from anxiety can use cannabis and other such products as a support for other techniques. These include proper medication and therapy that are particularly aimed at boosting one’s mental health.

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