Dabbing Cannabis Extracts

Dabbing Cannabis Extracts

The We Store is Windsor Ontario’s no.1 stop for dabbing cannabis extract related information and products. With Legal marijuana gaining market the lions share in the Canadian and US market as the first or preferred choice of the masses, guaranteeing quality, transparency, strength and availability, customers have started looking for new methods of ingesting and inhaling extracts and concentrates for improved absorption and the so called “KICK”.

Dabbing which used to be a thing only among a select few is gaining popularity especially with customers at the We store’s various locations, which is why we thought of coming up with a little tutorial on Dabbing and how to do it the right way. 

 “what on earth is this DABBING stuff anyway”. 

Dabbing cannabis simply is a method of inhaling the cannabis vapors produced by fast vaporization, which in simpler terms is similar to using a bong but in finer details is miles apart in that bong uses flower or herb while a dab rig essentially uses the extracts to attain the desired results.

The process of dabbing works by heating the concentrated extracts in a dab rig using convective heating at lower temperatures which doesn’t burn the active ingredients which makes it healthier, smoother and more effective for regular airheads. This involves a few steps viz:

  • Heating the banger using a butane torch for 30 to 60 seconds and wait another 60 seconds to simmer it down to desired temperature.
  • Placing a dab of extract, the size of lentil seed on the banger which produces vapors due to convective heating.
  • Inhaling these vapors to get a high like never before and enjoying your day.

With a lot of different types of dab rigs floating in the market the basic setup of each remains the same. The general construction and parts of a dab rig are as shown in the above figure. 

With an understanding of how a dab rig works, let us now understand the important precautions to be followed while using your dab rig for puffing your favorite herb.

  • Ensure filling water in the base chamber only up to the marked level and not above that.
  • For manual dab rigs let the banger cool down for at-least 60 seconds for better vaporization of your extract without burning the terpenes to savor the taste and aroma of your weed.
  • Make sure that you start with smaller quantities of extract and gradually raise the bar. As extracts have higher potency in the range of 60- 90 % THC while dried flower has a typical THC content of 20-25 % so a dab will hit much stronger than a regular puff of your bong or joint or blunt or edibles.
  • For manual dabbing use carb caps to ensure better bang for your buck and enjoy your day.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly clean your dabbing rig after inhaling using a cleaning solution and swab out the banger of any residue.
  • Let the dab rig cool down for some time after use as touching a hot dab rig might cause serious burns.
  • Carb caps help regulate air flow and hence are a great tool in cutting down the amount of dab gear.
  • All dabs are sticky so you need a tool to get the dab out of its container and in to the hot nail/ banger without making a mess. These tools may be metal or ceramic or glass and in shapes of scoop, spatula, shovel, nail etc. based on the type and consistency of concentrate being used.

You can easily find an assortment of dabbing tool and gears best suited to your needs at THE WE STORE near you. For a hassle free experience at The We Store, a locally owned and operated marijuana dispensary, providing the largest and well curated selection of CBD, THC, Craft strains, traditional strains, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, Pre-rolls, 510 cartridges, PAX cartridges, disposable vapes, vapes, lotions, oils, capsules, concentrates like shatter, rosin, resin, hash, hash rosin, keif, gummies, baked goods, cookies, chocolates, drinks aka CBD/THC/ Cannabis infused beverages rec., products which are of the highest quality and go through strict quality testing by the OCS and Health Canada.

  • When it comes to dabbing, always ensure that you get your dosing correctly because a small miscalculation in dosing might be the difference between a day well spent or a day of nausea/ anxiety. A simple example would be: 
  • 1-gram of live resin/live sugar/TERP slush/ Caviar purchased from THE WE STOREfollowing this link which contains 90% THC would have 900mg of THC. If that sugar is split into 9 equal portions, each part would contain 100 Mg of THC. And for comparison edibles with the highest conc. Of THC like indica capsules contain 10 mg of cannabinoid per capsule.
  • So to get 20 mg of dab you would have to split either of the 9 parts of those portions into 5 equal parts or the entire 1-gram piece of live resin/live sugar/TERP slush/ Caviar in to 45 equal parts with each part containing 20mg THC each with twice the potency of edibles available in the market.

         So next time you have a party over at your place or are just casually getting high over your marry-jane, read our guide to better use your dabbing rig, do visit the we-store near you to pick up the largest variety of Concentrates including Resin, Rosin, Has Rosin, Shatter, Live Resin, Badder, Wax and endless variety of Dried Flower, Pre rolls Eedibles, vapes and much more and have a blast of party and enjoy your day.

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