Cannabis Rules And Regulations In Ontario

Cannabis Rules & Regulations

With the plantation of first saplings by Louis Hebert (1575-1627), Cannabis AKA marijuana/ pot, also known by about a ton of other slang and trade name, the European settlers were the first to commercially harvest hemp/ cannabis in a region which later found its identity in present day CANADA. Marijuana as a psychoactive intoxicant was a banned substance from 1923 till the medicinal use of cannabis again became legal in 2001. The consumption and sale of recreational cannabis became legal in the year 2018 after the passing of the federal act C-45 which is most popularly known as the CANNABIS ACT 2018. The legalization of cannabis was and even today widely supported by a swathe of adults despite the contrary beliefs against its legalization mainly because: 

  • It provides better access to patients for medicinal purposes and use of marijuana.
  • It has drastically reduced the opioid related over use and overdose of other drugs
  • Boost economy by providing new jobs in the industry and generate new sources of revenue and taxes.
  • Over all better quality of life with mental and physical – lifestyle benefits.
  • The government by legalizing weed has created a whole new economy and reduced stress on law enforcement agencies and sped up the criminal justice system by leaps and bounds. The CANNABIS ACT 2018 made Canada second in the world after Uruguay to legalize cannabis. The main aim of cannabis act is to accomplish the following goals:
  • Keep cannabis out of the reach of youth.
  • Keeping profit out of the pockets of criminals.
  • Protecting public health and safety by allowing adults access to legal cannabis.

As per The CANNABIS ACT 2018 and subject to provincial or territorial restrictions, adults who are 18 years of age or older are legally able to: 

  • Possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public, where one gram of dried cannabis is equal to;
  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 01 cannabis plant seed
  • Share up to 30 grams of legal marijuana with other adults.
  • Buy dried flower or fresh cannabis and weed / THC/ CBD/ Balanced oil from provincially licensed retailer and,
  • In provinces and territories without a regulated retail framework, individuals are able to purchase cannabis online from federally licensed producers. (as of October 17, 2019 cannabis edibles and concentrates are legal for sale).
  • Make cannabis products such as foods and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products.

Federal, provincial and territorial governments share responsibility for overseeing the system for regulating cannabis use in its territories, where provinces and territories are able to add their own measures such as: 

  • Increasing the minimum age in their jurisdiction but never lowering it
  • Lowering the possession limits per individual or person.
  • Restricting areas or zones where consumption is allowed or prohibited such as public places or vehicles etc.
  • Additional rules for home growing of cannabis without increasing its federal limit but by decreasing the number of plants beyond which the federal laws restrict

A tabular representation of the cannabis related offences and their punishments for the ease of understanding may be depicted as: 

S.NoOFFENCE TypePENALTIES Small Amount               Large Amounts
1.Possession over limitTicketsUpto 5 years in jail
2.Illegal sale and distributionTicketsUpto 14 years in jail
3.Production beyond personal cultivation limitsTicketsUpto 14 years in jail
4.Producing with organic solvents– Upto 14-year jail term – Up to 14 years’ jail term – Up to 14 years in jail – Up to 14 years in jail
5.Taking cannabis across Canadian borders
6.Giving or selling cannabis to minors ( under 18 years old)
7.Using youth to commit cannabis related offences


The main highlights of the rules and regulations set by the provincial administration of Ontario with reference to the usage and consumption of cannabis with in its territories mandate that cannabis can only be consumed in:

  • Private residential dwellings including front porch, balcony, backyards.
  • Designated guest rooms in hotels, motels and inns.
  • Controlled areas in residential facilities, psychiatric facilities, veteran’s facilities, and residential hospices.
  • Boats and vehicles when used as temporary living spaces and not used for ferrying passengers. 

In a similar manner the legal age for consumption of cannabis in Ontario has been raised to 19 years which is higher than the federal mandate of 18 years.

The legally allowed quantity of any transaction in cannabis inside the province of Ontario is limited to a maximum quantity of 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in other forms as has been defined in the federal charter of equivalence.

The legal purchase outlets for cannabis are strictly controlled by Alcohol and Gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO) as well as Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). If you are above 19 years of age, you can legally purchase cannabis online or from any retail cannabis store around your vicinity. On this note we recommend you to visit your nearest we store outlet. As a patron and cannabis/ Marijuana/ weed connoisseur the we store is a must visit for all cannabis/ Marijuana/ weed enthusiasts. 

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A summary of the rules for consumption of cannabis in Ontario are best depicted as: 

Places where consumption of cannabis is restricted:

  1. Indoor common areas in condos, apartment buildings, university/ college premises, enclosed public and work places, non-designated guest rooms in hotels, motels, and inns.
  2. At school, school grounds and all public areas within 20 meters of school or children’s playgrounds. Even in places of child care even if children are not present.
  3. Within 9 meters from entrance or exit of hospitals, or health care facilities, or their outdoor grounds, and non-controlled areas in long term care homes, etc.
  4. One can’t consume cannabis or its products in a vehicle or boat that is being driven or will be driven after consumption.
  5. Any outdoor grounds of specified Ontario government office buildings, or any sheltered outdoor area waith a roof where public or employees frequent, or are invited to (example bus shelters, et-al).
  6. On grounds of community recreational areas and within 20 meters from them, including reserved seating areas at outdoor sports and entertainment locations.
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