Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is made or created by the Marijuana plant itself and some kinds of chemicals.

It’s kind of the same product as another form of marijuana, but this is only used for medical purposes as it has many beneficial effects also for the human body.

The marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids. Each medical marijuana has a different effect on the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(thc)and cannabidiol are the main chemicals used in medicine.

Researchers have found some studies about medical marijuana and its beneficial nature.


As we discussed before medical marijuana has beneficial characteristics for us also, that’s why some doctors and researchers also allow that.

Those are…

  1. Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Appetite loss.
  3. Cancer.
  4. Crohn’s disease.
  5. Diseases affecting the immune system like HIV Or AIDS.
  6. Multiple sclerosis.
  7. Eating disorders such as anorexia.
  8. Epilepsy.
  9. Glaucoma.
  10. Mental health conditions like schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  11. Muscle spasm.
  12. Wasting syndrome, cache is.
  13. Nausea.
  14. Vomiting.
  15. Pain.
  16. Seizures.

but it is not yet proven to help many of these conditions. The greatest amount of evidence for the therapeutic effect of cannabis is related to its ability to reduce chronic pain nausea, vomiting due to chemotherapy, spasticity from muscle spasms, and medical marijuana.


With legal marijuana gaining market the lion’s share in the Canadian and is market as the first or preferred choice of the masses, guaranteeing, quality, transparency, strength and availability, customers have started looking for new methods of ingesting and inhibiting extras and concentrates for improving the absorption and the so-called kick dubbing which used to Cannabis delivery.


A wide variety of products based on constant research and development in the industry has led to a revolution in the health and wellness industry with a brand-new and cutting edge accessory used in consulting on cannabis almost every week.

About cannabis delivery every weed connoisseur consuming their favourite product let it be cannabis flower or renin or vapes or gummies, or other infused products bring its charm.

For cannabis delivery, the main place in Germany supplies more and has a wide range of productivity and from there only maximum delivery happens 0throughout the world.


In India, while the tree and consumption of cannabis are banned under the narcotic drug and psychotherapy substances act of 1985, calls for legalising its use for medical purposes have grown stronger over the years.

In January, the centre told the Delhi high court that the use of cannabis is not completely banned in the country as its medical and scientific use is allowed under the law.

In 2018, Uttarakhand had become the first state in the country to allow cannabis in their state as a legal commodity.
Next Madhya Pradesh does the same as filled by Uttarakhand.

Feb 2020 first medical cannabis clinic has been established in Bengaluru, as a vedi wellness centre.

Orisha based startup hemp can’t solve the problem behind that clinic. This is how cannabis delivery happens.


Further study is needed to answer this question, but the possible side effects of medical marijuana are-

● Increased heart rate.
● Dizziness.
● Impaired concentration and memory.
● Negative drug to drug interaction.
● Increased the risk of a heart attack.
● Increased appetite.
● Potential for addiction.
● Hallucinations or mental illness.
● Withdrawal symptoms.

Some medical marijuana is formulated to provide symptom relief without the intoxicating, mood-altering effect associated with the recreational use of marijuana.


Cannabinoids are the active chemicals in medical marijuana that are similar to the chemicals the body makes that are involved in appetite, memory, movement and pain.

● Reduce anxiety.
● Reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
● Control nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy.
● Kill cancer cells.
● Relax tight muscles in people with muscle spasms.
● Stimulates appetite and improves weight gain in people with cancer and aids.

Somewhere this is medically proven and somewhere it is not, but in the end, we all know that it’s an addiction and how dangerous it is.

So be careful about it in India also some states withdraw there can’t from marijuana.

Dr Reddy’s clinic in Hyderabad allows and makes sure that medical marijuana should be used as a medical procedure also.


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You can not believe how much money they are asking for medical marijuana.

In the US around 3 or 4 states already announced that marijuana is not illegal if you ask for the medical benefits it has.

Now around 146 billion US dollars are in the market.

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