Our Values

  • We provide only the highest quality products.
  • We employ a diversified staff both young and older to better assist our customers.
  • For those in a hurry we promise at most a nine-minute time from ordering to receiving your product, plus we offer cannabis delivery
  • We believe in strong community involvement with an objective of making the communities we work in to be proud of us.
  • We commit to our employees the utmost respect and appreciation for their hard work.
  • We believe in creative marketing and promotion with social media being our foundation in which to communicate who we are.


The We Store promises Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Pre Roll, Dried Flower, CBD, Vape, 510 Cartridge, Cannabis Gummy,
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Walkerville WE Store Food Drive

Walkerville WE Store Food Drive

The We Store teamed together with some local businesses in the Walkerville area to raise food donations for a local food drive. Local business who helped us include Walkerville Chill, Ortona 1864 Cafe & Panino, 7 Spices Shawarma and The Doggy Bakery! Together with the communities help, we were able to collect a total of 6385 pieces of non-perishable food items. These items will go towards helping the St. Mary’s Anglican Church food drive. Providing freshly prepared meals for individuals who are in need of assistance.

“It was brought to my attention by one of our guests that St. Mary’s Anglican Church Food Cupboard was running extremely low on food. She mentioned how the church feeds up to 50+ local families every month and they only had enough food for another 30 days.  As August rounded the corner, we began our “Christmas in August promotion” here at The We Store. I thought it would be perfect to incorporate this food drive with our promotion. I was able to reach out to businesses in the Walkersville area who all generously donated gift cards and merchandise for a giveaway. My heart is already so full seeing how many families we will be helping. It’s truly my pleasure to help make such an impact in our community.” – Britney Gelous

Community Hospice Donations

Community Hospice Donations

Community Hospice Donations

Community Hospice Donations

Residential hospice care is both a philosophy and practice. It is focused on providing individuals with life-threatening/terminal illnesses or those who are nearing end-of-life with 24/7 comfort, quality of life, care and dignity. In only five years the Chatham Kent Hospice Foundation has been able to alleviate the burden for 891 families, providing them with a new option for care and the ability to make their own decisions regarding their end-of-life experience. Beyond providing residential care, the Chatham Kent Hospice Foundation also offers community bereavement support to those experiencing grief but who did not have a family member at Hospice. This includes community social workers, grief support groups, and counselling.

When my Grandmother was unexpectedly diagnosed with metastasized lung cancer, she was admitted into hospital immediately but unfortunately quickly fell unconscious. We were told that she likely only had days left and were given the option of Hospice. In the condition she was in, we didn’t want to move her. Thankfully, a week later, she became conscious again. At this point, she was presented with the option of Hospice. Now being able to make the decision herself, which was most important to my family, she viewed a virtual tour and was excited to start her own experience.

Once arriving it was like a giant burden lifted of our families’ shoulders. Not only was Grandma receiving high quality care in a comfortable setting, but they also directed that same care towards my Mother and I. We were able to continue staying day and night with my Grandma just as we had in the hospital, but in much more stress-free environment. We had access to a large walk-in shower, snacks, bedding, everything we could need. All of these things allowed us to spend 27 more days with Grandma as a family, and not as caretakers.

When she wasn’t joking around she would be waiting for her Blue Jays games, watching The View or listening to her favourite country songs. All these things made it feel like home. In the hospital things felt like a waiting game, just waiting for the end. Hospice embraces the idea of home and embracing each day as an important one meant to be used to the fullest.

My Grandma passed in the early hours of July 7th, 2021. The staff came to sit with us, to hug us and offer condolences. Before the funeral home came, the staff organized a small farewell ceremony. They gathered with us outside in their beautiful courtyard at the pool and we lit candles and recited a poem, a beautiful send-off for a beautiful woman.

Hospice made all the difference in my family’s life. What could have been the worst month of our lives was transformed into something peaceful, beautiful and meaningful. Offering perspective and purpose to the situation we were in, and for that we are forever thankful to Chatham-Kent Hospice.

We are Pet Friendly

Bring in your pets to any we store location for some love from our budtenders! Featuring cold water and a treat – with the pet parent’s permission!