A Beginner’s Guide To: Cannabis Extract Accessories

Cannabis Smoking Accessories

The legalization of cannabis and the onset of a wide variety of products based on constant research and development in the industry has led to a revolution in the health and wellness industry with a brand new and cutting-edge accessory used in consumption of cannabis almost every week now. This increase in the use of different forms of marijuana i.e. vape products, oils, edibles, wax, rosins, resins shatters, hash, badder, diamonds and other live extracts.

         The most commonly used marijuana/ cannabis accessories include rolling papers, filter tips, weed grinders, bongs, dab rigs, vapes AKA vaping pens, smoking pipes, lighters, butane torches, dab-tools, storage containers, 510 vapes et-al. with such a wide variety of accessories available in the market the types of cannabis extracts available in the market form a plethora of products including but not limited in sub categories to flowers, oils, extracts, concentrates, edibles, topical creams, lotions and more. The list further includes maintenance products such as cleaning kits for better hygiene and cleanliness of our smoking areas and-or rigs.

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         With this in mind let us now examine the various types of cannabis extracts available with us and the types of accessories needed to better enjoy the product we have.

  • Dab Rigs: AKA water pipe, is used to consume cannabis extracts like resin/rosin/ wax caviars/ shatter etc. by heating the extract through convective heating and inhaling the resulting vapors.
  • Bongs: Similar to dab rigs, bongs are used to consume cannabis buds by vaporizing them and smoking them. These are amongst the earliest accessories the usage of which dates back to ancient civilizations.
  • Smoking Pipes: A small hand-held device used to smoke weed, has a bowel shape area that holds your dried marijuana which is then burned for smoking. They come in a wide variety of shapes including but not limited to hand pipes, electric pipes, Steam-Rollers, One-Hitters, etc.
  • Vapes: The simplest method of consuming liquid cannabis extracts like distillate is using cannabis vapes AKA vaping pens. The different types of vapes include Single-use vapes, reusable vapes, 510 thread or closed loop formats etc.
  • Rolling Paper Et-Al: Used in conjugation with filter paper, weed grinder, etc. or without them, rolling paper has been used since time unmemorable for rolling a simple joint or stub in the old fashioned manner to enjoy your cannabis. If rolling your weed by your own self feels cumbersome one can always purchase pre-rolled joint from our store and light up your magic herb on the go. 

image with 6 cannabis accessories

The accessories described above are a select few of a large variety of craft and regular accessories available at The We-Store near you.

In light of the above accessories one must never forget the hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to your environment. The We store offers you all the popular smokeware i.e. bong, pipe, dab rig cleaning solutions, products and kits. For a hassle free and secure storage of your weed air tight and non-stick containers are a must, also available at the We Store near you. These prevent your weed or its extracts from moisture and give them a longer life.

One must also make sure of cleaning the accessories. Cleaner accessories including pipes, dabs, bongs etc. lead to a longer life of the product, a better taste and extended usages of your weed paraphernalia. 

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