Resin Vs. Rosin: A beginners guide to what, why and how

Resin Vs Rosin

With a wide variety of products floating around the market, the two most confusing cannabis products which are the most potent and often misunderstood because of their names are RESIN and ROSIN. Both, resin and rosin are produced from the sap of marijuana/cannabis plant and are loaded with terpenes where ROSIN usually varies in color from light and opaque golden to a creamy tan to a vivid yellow with consistency varying between sappy to buttery crumbs, while RESIN is stickier, sappy, luscious can be a bit ashy with a color ranging from amber golden tone, to greenish tint to tar like appearance.

To better enjoy plant products, be it a fruit or veggie or any other plant product like cannabis resin etc. one must always be aware of the what, why and how of the pedigree of the products and its potency (in case of cannabis extracts) for a longer lasting and better wellness related use and utilization in the system.

The We store pledges to bring the all the newest and the best products and services for its customers, the newest addition to this is the Rosin Press available at select We Stores for the customers to press their Cannabis into Rosin free of charge, with assistance of an in-store expert. The We Store also offers the widest variety of live resin, rosin, wax , crumble, shatter and all other concentrates.

To sum it up it would be safer to call resin as more of a hash than oil & solvents used for its extraction the effects of which are up for debate. Consequently, the different types of resins can easily be classified on the basis of method of extraction used into:

Rosin as the name refers is the beauty of cannabis resin without all the hustle and bustle of solvents or additives. Some avid users compare the ROSIN to the rose like purity of cannabis resin, and in turn signify that “ROSIN is nothing but the purest form of RESIN in its nascent form, free of any solvents.” 

The extraction of rosin is pretty simple in that just pre heat the marijuana flower or kief and press it using pressure to extract full melt hash oil ready for consumption. The simultaneous heat and pressure forces out

the terpenes and cannabinoids in the trichome glands of the plant to produce a golden colored sap.

The various benefits of ROSIN are:

  1. Rosin is solvent-less and relatively easy to make.
  2. Higher THC than other concentrates like shatter or diamond etc.
  3. Cleaner alternative for cannabis consumers to enjoy their concentrates.
  4. It is easily extracted from frozen or fresh flowers that have never been cured or dried.
  5. The cannabinoids in rosin are activated and has better THC profile due to heating of flower or kief prior to extraction.

On the up side the process of extraction of rosin unlike resin is pretty easy and began as a DIY in the early years. The process of extracting ROSIN begins by simultaneously applying Heat and Pressure on Flower / Sift/ Hash in to filter bags which is then placed between two metal plates. These plates are now heated and pressed together with tons of force, after which the resin separate’s and is collected on the parchment paper.

The different types of rosin press available are:

  • Pneumatic press using compressed air and is the least labor intensive
  • Hydraulic press which requires an operator to manage the equipment
  • Manual press, entirely user operated and is the most labor intensive.

The different types of rosin available depends on the type of cannabis product used for extraction. This may be classified into: 

  • Flower Rosin: Prepared from dried and cured fresh marijuana flower. If uncured flower is used a soup like consistency produces an unusable batch.
  • Sift Rosin: Produced from sift dry hash, is comparatively more potent than flower rosin, is less time consuming and requires less equipment to produce.
  • Hash Rosin: The gold standard for solvent less extraction, HASH is used as the starting material. Since hash is free from any impurities, the rosin extracted is pure and highly potent. This type of rosin is made from bubble hash or ice wax or ice water hash.
  • Live Rosin: The connoisseur grade Rosin is the ultimate concentrate created using fresh-frozen cannabis, treated through bubble extraction AKA ice water hash extraction to press the juices out of the flower. The result offers unparalleled aromas and experience.

For a better, profound and rich experience and to fully understand the effects of resin as compared to rosin or vice-versa a visit to your local we-store dispensary will definitely amuse any pot-a-holic and enlighten your senses to new heights which were never traversed before.

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