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Weed Originate

From the sites of prehistoric hunter gatherers in Indo-China to Tibetan Monks all the way up to Viking ships and Renaissance Europe Cannabis or Marijuana A.K.A Ganja, weed or Pot which originated thousands of years ago has found its way across the world since ages, was widely used for its WELLNESS and SPIRITUAL properties.

Based on its usage, effects and origin, the species of cannabis can be broadly classified into CANNABIS SATIVA & CANNABIS INDICA. A third type uncommon one known as cannabis ruderalis was also identified in 1924. The two main sub-species of cannabis can be classified based on usage, appearance, and effects as (image 1*)

possible effects of cannabis

The advent of Europeans in a region that would later become present day CANADA, Louis Hebert (1575-1627) a French Apothecary with a practice in Paris became the first colonist to grow HEMP/ CANNABIS in what was to be called modern day Canada. It took more than a century after louis Hebert’s death that first commercial cultivation of cannabis/ Hemp was introduced by the then Governor General in upper Canadian regions.

 It was the fateful year of 1923 which saw cannabis becoming illegal in Canada and after years of demonstrations, citations and appeals by various peer groups marijuana medical purposes regulations (MMPR) were passed in 2013, and cannabis act goes into effect in 2018 legalizing adult usage of cannabis (both recreational and medical) in 2018.

Marijuana farming in canada

The cannabis act permits adults to cultivate up to 04 plants per household in Ontario (not per person) with other restrictions also applied by provinces as per their regulations along with recommended safety and security measures. Commercial farming on the flip side is a different story with lots of blooming businesses established in-situ, producing all the product people need in large green houses situated all across the nation and as of march 31, 2020 there were more than 110 licensees cultivating outdoors, in fact outdoor cultivation has surpassed indoor cultivation of cannabis in early 2020. The distribution of cannabis growing farms for 2020 in CANADA was (image 2*): 

The distribution of cannabis growing farms for 2020 in CANADA

The chart clearly indicates that maximum numbers of cannabis growing businesses by region is far surpassed by Ontario region followed by British Columbia (image 3*). 

maximum numbers of cannabis growing businesses by region

A comparative analysis of growth in cannabis growing businesses also reiterate the success story of farmers in Ontario and British Columbia in producing best quality of product along with a specialization in crafting different strains of marijuana each having its own levels of terpenes, cannabidiols (C.B.D), tetrahydrocannabinols (T.H.C) suited for various recreational and medicinal users.

The leading cannabis brands in Canada whose products are highly recommended by potheads as of April, 2021 are: 

 #1 APHRIA Inc.

With 100% greenhouse grown products including oils, soft gels, cartridges, sprays, free dried flower, wax concentrates, et-all is located in Leamington Southwestern Ontario. It is also the larest cannabis company by revenue.

#2 Canopy Growth Corporation (C.G.C).

The first federally regulated and licensed cannabis grower in Canada which also hails from Ontario (Smiths Falls) and was the first to build an online marketplace, to offer recreational products from coast to coast. With a best-in-class strain variety, quality assurance and customer service. With soft-gels, dried flower, kush flower, beverages, edibles etc in its inventory, CGC iprovides a product quality rivalled only by some.

#3 Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta is a major producer and licensed distributor with a wide variety of products to its catalogue.

#4 Green Relief Inc.

Only cannabis provider using aquaponics and fish fertilizers for the production of quality cannabis, is based in Puslinch Ontario Canada. 

#5 HEXO Corp.

Founded in 2013 under the name of Hydropothecary corporation, the company was created to meet the need of Canadian medicinal cannabis users, but after 2018 also started tending to recreational users.it has its productions facilities in Ontario and Quebec. 

#6 BC Cannabis.

A premium craft cannabis company out of Vancouver Island British Columbia holds expertise in growing, processing and producing craft cannabis of highest quality with superior genetics and as per customer taste.

#7 The WE Store Cannabis:

Our team works together diligently to stand head and shoulders above all competition in terms of customer service and care. We have a large variety of products where accurate cannabis information is offered to our customers. We make a commitment to sensible pricing. We have 6 convenient locations all with parking and easy access.


  • We provide only the highest quality products.
  • We employ a diversified staff both young and older to better assist our customers.
  • For those in a hurry we promise at most a nine-minute time from ordering to receiving your product.
  • We believe in strong community involvement with an objective of making the communities we work in to be proud of us.
  • We commit to our employees the utmost respect and appreciation for their hard work.
  • We believe in creative marketing and promotion with social media being our foundation in which to communicate who we are.

The We Store provides the largest selection of CBD, THC, craft strains, traditional strains, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains, pre-rolls, 510 cartridges, pax cartridges, disposable vapes, vapes, lotions, oils, capsules, concentrates like shatter, rosin, resin, hash, hash rosin, kief, gummies, baked goods, cookies, chocolates, drinks aka CBD/ THC/ cannabis infused beverages etc., products which are the highest quality and go through strict quality testing by the  OCS and Health Canada.


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