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The lesser-known child of cannabis plant CANNABIDIOL aka CBD

Discovered as early as 1940 by Harvard trained chemist Roger Adams, whose baton of research was then passed on to Dr. Raphael Mechoulam AKA the “the godfather of cannabis” who described the chemical structure of CBD in 1963 which later paved the way for better understanding and demystifying the workings’ of T.H.C.

The lesser-known child of cannabis plant CANNABIDIOL aka CBD which has people freaking out over it due to its magical effects and has been glorified due to its non-existing or milder (as advertised and researched) side effects as compared to the other well-known siblings of the same species and genus due to its ability to mimic naturally occurring endocannabinoids. 

CBD extract has found increasing uses in daily foods ranging from CBD cheeseburgers, CBD lattes, CBD brownies, drinks, mouth sprays, toothpicks, CBD facials, wellness lotions etc., with a wide variety of wellness related benefits which are being extensively researched and documented for their positive results. The only question ringing our brains is what is CBD, how to use it and where to obtain it from?

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If you ask any botanist about it, the natural reply would be that “terpenes are the largest and the most diverse group of naturally occurring compounds extracted as essential oils from different plants, used by plants for self-defense against disease to attracting insects for pollination or fluid control in plants.”  

With such a diverse array of functions each plant has hundreds of different types of terpenes for various purposes. Focusing our attention to cannabis and its extracts the terpenes of cannabis can be broadly classified into THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) which is psychoactive i.e. It induces a high when smoked/ vaped/ ingested and the non-psychoactive CBD (cannabidiol) which has none of the High inducing effect of THC but all the positive effects of it. The major strains of marijuana can be summed up in (image1*):

CBD and THC complement each other

With all the research conducted on cannabis and its derivatives it can be easily deduced that CBD and THC complement each other very well and any product with a blend of both can do wonders for average potheads as can be experienced in products like pineapple daze vapes, Tullia+ THC/CBD Lotion, Mango haze Dried Flower, Dancehall dried flower, etc. are some of the products which are best-of-both-worlds.  

The key differences between THC and CBD are the high induced by THC vs the relaxing effects induced by CBD without inducing a High. The potential benefits and side-effects of the two may be summed up in a tabular format as (image 2*):


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All that said and done doesn’t come to fruit if we don’t have the products that can deliver the results as advertised by various companies or research on CBD. The We Store hosts more than 50 different CBD products across all categories. Examples:

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CBD 100 Ultra Formula [30ml Oil] by MediPharm
CBD Chocolate [Edibles] by Bhang – 4 Pieces
CBD Cool Stick [30g Topical] by Wild Flower
CBD Eucalyptus Bath Bomb [Topical] by Nuance
CBD Gems [15 Capsules] by Redecan 
CBD Kush [3.5g Dried Flower] by Bonify 
CBD Oil Spray [15ml Oils] by Dosecann 
CBD Oil [20ml Oil] by Cove
CBD Oil [30ml Oils] by Five Founders
CBD Reign Drops [30ml Oil] by Redecan
CBD [0.5g Disposable Pen] by Alevio Menta
CBD+ Gems [15 Capsules] by Redecan 
CBD25 Regular Formula [30ml Oil] by MediPharm
CBD50 Plus Formula [30ml Oil] by MediPharm
Daily CBD Multipack – Sour Cherry Soft Chews [Edible] by  Tidel
Diesel [0.5g 510 Thread Cartridge] by Spinach
Dragon Fruit Watermelon CBD Sparkling Water [Beverage] by Everie 
Frost Monster [3.5g Dried Flower] by Broken Coast
GGZ Full Spectrum [1.0g 510 Thread Cartridge] by FEATHER
Grapefruit 1:4 CBD Soft Chews  [Edibles] by Ace Valley – 2 Pieces
Great White Shark CBD [8×0.3g Pre-Roll] by Ace Valley
Indigo Daze [3.5g Dried Flower] by Haven St.
Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Water [Beverage] by Everie
Lemon Green Tea CBD Soft Chews (50-pack) [Edible] by Vortex
Mango Passionfruit CBD Sparkling Water [Beverage] by Everie 
Nebula II CBD [12×0.35g Pre-Roll] by Divvy
Passion Fruit Mango Super CBD Soft Chews [Edible] by Ace Valley
Passionfruit & Guava Sparkling Water [Beverage] by Quatreau 
Peach Mango THC/CBD Soft Chews [Edibles] by Foray – 2 Pieces
Peach Serene CBD Soft Chews [Edibles] by Aurora Drift –  5 Pieces 
Pineapple Express [0.4g PAX Era Pod] by Good Supply
Pomegranate CBD Soft Chews [Edibles] by DYNATHRIVE – 30 Pieces
Pomegranate Sunset CBN+CBD Shot [Beverage] by Night Night
Pure Sun CBD Full Spectrum [0.5g 510 Thread Cartridge] by Pure Sunfarm 
Pure Sun CBD [3.5g Dried Flower] by Pure Sunfarms
Raspberry Milk Chocolate CBD 1:20 [Edibles] by Legend – 4 Pieces
Riva+ Eucalyptus CBD Lotion [61g Topical] by Tidal
Sign Dancer Jacket – Green – XL
Strawberry CBD Seltzer Water [Beverages] by Everie
THC CBD Indica [3.5g Dried Flower] by BioMed
THC Dissolvable 10 mg [Beverage] by TGOD
Transdermal CBD Cream [50g Topical] by LivRelief 
Transdermal THC/CBD Cream [50g Topical] by LivRelief 
Tullia+ THC/CBD Lotion [61g Topical] by Tidal
Vanilla Rooibos CBD [Tea 3x3g] by Everie

These and many other products containing different concentrations of CBD and THC as per your choice and taste are available and can be purchased from any We Store near you..


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