Understanding the Trend: Smoking vs. Vaping

Smoking vs. Vaping

“Cannabis smoking / vaping is the inhalation of smoke or vapors released by heating the flower, leaves, or extracts of cannabis and releasing the main psychoactive chemical THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol).”

Vaping as a trend has gained a lot of traction and attention among youth in the past 5- 7 years with a majority (approx. 50%) of adults between the age of ‘18-24’ have tried vaping at some point in their lives. With some reports suggesting that vaping among Canadian teens has doubled in the past 2-3 years. Setting apart the fact that vaping is currently trending, and hip let us not forget that it was smoking that paved the way for modern vapes and is the cheapest, economical, and oldest method of getting a Balanced High, is the tried, tested method and easiest of all for any cannabis/ pot lovers to get stoned.

Smoking Feels Pure & Authentic

The act of inhaling the fumes of burning plant material using a cigar, pipe, cigarette, vapes or simply SMOKING has been most associated with tobacco, originating in ancient Americas and central Mexico and practice since last 7000 years, while archeological remains indicate that cannabis with high levels of THC was being smoked at least 2500 years ago.

Smoking in the simplest terms is nothing but rolling a good old-fashioned joint, igniting it and enjoying the pure unadulterated, no fuss, delight in the simplicity of life with surreal feelings of energy, increased imaginative capabilities and relaxed state of mind is a dream come true for all potheads. The accessories needed for any good old fashioned pot joint includes cannabis/weed, weed grinders, rolling papers, mouth piece or filter, OR pre-rolled cones, lighter, pipe, and or pre rolled joints all available at at “the we- store” outlet near you. 

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Vaping is an informal term used to describe an attractive new method of inhaling and getting the effects of marijuana in to the body using aerosolized marijuana containing many different compounds. Vaping has gained a lot of attraction and is rapidly replacing smoking as a medium inhaling cannabis because: 

  1. With a legal limit on the maximum permissible percentage of THC (the main psychoactive component of cannabis responsible for its high inducing effect) the high attained by traditional smoking of weed attains a certain degree of limitations. The amount of weed that can be smoked in one joint, or the maximum lung capacity of an individual limits the amount of smoke inhaled per puff and thus restricts weed from showing its full potency.

Vapes on the contrary are not limited by the amount of THC present in it and nor is limited by the purity of the contents.

  1. Since in smoking, marijuana is burned and its smoky fumes inhaled, it contains several combustible products that are potentially toxic and or limit the healing/ spiritual properties of marijuana due to the various adulterants that are inhaled along with THC.

Vaping on the far side entails electronically heating the oils/ wax and or plant material in an atomizer resulting in decarboxylation of cannabinoids and vaporization of natural oils directly inside the cartridge before inhaling and thus producing more pronounced and enhanced effects.

  1. Smoking burns the weed in an uncontrolled environment which results in temperatures rising higher than ideally needed for better terpene concentration which decreases the terpene concentration by degrading them and thus wasting a lot of useful products.

While in vaping, cannabinoids are heated at lower temperatures resulting in increased terpene concentration and better odor and cannabis effect-augmentation. 

  1. Cannabis is smoked using various devices which have very little to no government regulation or control and thus the contaminants can’t be regulated, and the safety is not documented, whereas in case of vaping devices and cartridges are strictly regulated and safety strictly adhered to by government rules and regulations.
  2. Vaping is considered as the best ways to administer marijuana because to the added benefit of the ability to control and calculate the dosage, intake quantity and purity of THC used while in case of smoking it becomes very difficult to estimate the dosage quantity and quality of even the best quality of buds / flower. 
  3. Vaping is documented to reduce the morbidity and mortality of smoking including reduced passive smoking inhalations have fast onset of action and can even be utiloized in certain public areas.
  4. Vaping reduces the compounds that cause respiratory diseases as compared to the pathology of smoking by avoiding the inhalation of smoke, ash, carbon monoxide, ammonia, tar etc inhaled via smoking and is thus a safer and better alternative.

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To summarize it all in some meaning full manner one must understand that it is practically impossible to describe vaping as a better alternative to smoking or vice-versa, but in all its nascent glamour an audacity it is imperative and absolutely necessary to try both methods to find out what suits better as per personal needs and usage.

Some may find vaping as a more convenient and resourceful and safe method of inhaling pot, while other enthusiast’s may disagree on the nostalgia, aromas, flavors associated with smoking. The best of both worlds would be to use each method as required as per the available resources to lavishly enjoy your quality of life to its fullest.

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